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Michie, David | Power of meow

<font size=-1><B>Författare:</B> <A HREF=>Michie, David</A> <BR><B>Förlag:</B> <A HREF=>Hay House UK Ltd</A> <BR><B>Artikelnr:</B> 53084216 <BR><BR><B>Bindning:</B> Häftad....
Pris 142,00 kr

Sidebottom, Harry | Fire and Sword

Rome AD238. The Year of the Six Emperors. The empire is in turmoil. With the Gordiani, father and son, dead in Africa, the tyrant Maximinus Thrax vies to reclaim the throne. The Senate, who supported the revolt of the Gordiani, must act quickly to...
Pris 140,00 kr

Gabaldon, Diana | Lord John and the Private Matter

Adored bestselling author Gabaldon brings fans the first book in a new trilogy--an instant New York Times bestseller--featuring Major Lord John Grey and many of the characters from her wildly popular Outlander series.<br><br><HR><font...
Pris 116,00 kr

Cameron, Christian | Tyrant: destroyer of cities

The death of Alexander the Great was the signal to begin the greatest war in human history - a war that swept like a firestorm from one end of the known world to the other, as his former generals fought like jackals to make his vast empire their own....
Pris 163,00 kr