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Iyer, Pico | A Beginners Guide to Japan

<font size=-1><B>Författare:</B> <A HREF=>Iyer, Pico</A> <BR><B>Förlag:</B> <A HREF=>Bloomsbury Publishing Ltd.</A> <BR><B>Genre:</B> <A...
Pris 151,00 kr

Iyer, Pico | A Beginner's Guide to Japan

<font size=-1><B>Författare:</B> <A HREF=>Iyer, Pico</A> <BR><B>Förlag:</B> <A HREF=>Random House USA</A> <BR><B>Genre:</B> <A...
Pris 142,00 kr

Hong, Euny | Birth of Korean Cool

How did a really unhip country suddenly become cool? How could a nation that once banned miniskirts, long hair on men and rock 'n' roll come to mass produce pop music and a K-pop star that would break the world record for the most YouTube hits? Who...
Pris 197,00 kr

Vamling, Karina | Caucasus Studies

The volume includes papers presented at the multidisciplinary conference Caucasus Studies: Migration – Society – Language, held on November 28-30 2008 at Malmö University, shortly after the dramatic events of the Georgian-Russian war. Researchers on...
Pris 228,00 kr