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Halvarsson, Julia | Monte Expenditionis

The volcano known as Kelud is erupting in Indonesia. The people have been evacuated, but on its shore stands adventurers ready to risk their lives to collect materials near the volcano. Either for science, collection, or to sell to the highest bidder....
Pris 182,00 kr

Nissanka, Rush | Emu Wars

A new war has broken out, and for once it wasn’t Germany's fault!<br><br>The Australian soldiers and the ostrich resembling birds “Emus” have gotten into a real tussle and now you must choose sides. Will you fight for the birds or humanity’s...
Pris 188,00 kr
Persson, Amos Johan |...

Persson, Amos Johan | Slaying Dragons

This is game about metaphorically slaying your dragon. There is no doubt whether or not you’ll succeed; you will. You will make your way to the beast’s lair. You will find the hidden secrets within. And you will finally slay the dragon. The question is...
Pris 183,00 kr

Johansson, Erik | Original edition campaign

After running an original edition campaign for about seven years i have decided to compile the house rules and procedures that i use during play into a booklet similar to the original three. It is not intended to be a retroclone as much as a toolbox of...
Pris 54,00 kr

Johansson, Erik | Original edition campaign

After running an original edition campaign for about seven years i have decided to compile the house rules and procedures that i use during play into a booklet similar to the original three. It is not intended to be a retroclone as much as a toolbox of...
Pris 60,00 kr
1001 Sudoku

1001 Sudoku

Denna megasamling av sudokun innehåller hela 1001 pussel! Med fem svårighetsgrader från nybörjare till expert finns det garanterat något som passar alla, oavsett om du är fullständig nybörjare eller en slipad sudoku-specialist. Om du kör fast finns...
Pris 180,00 kr

Bergström, Mikael | Kutulu

Krutröken från första världskriget har nyss lagt sig. På ytan verkar civilisationen ha återerövrat och rentav vunnit mark, men under den tunna fernissan av ordning och lagbunden natur dväljs mysterier bortom människans fattningsförmåga. Mentalsjukhus...
Pris 190,00 kr

Glimne, Dan | De bästa spelen med papper och penna

Över 40 olika underhållande och strategiska spel!Oavsett om du letar efter en vass och kreativ utmaning för dig och bästa vännen, ett lättsamt och snabbspelat tidsfördriv på semestern, ett sätt att roa gästerna med på partyt, eller något att hålla...
Pris 135,00 kr

Dase, Christoffer | Challenge the Deep

Challenge the Deep is a game created by students at Södertörns University. <br><br>In this game you, the player, will embark on an epic journey to the Challenger Deep. On your journey you will find treasures and encounter monsters. <br><br>The game is...
Pris 189,00 kr

Qvarnström, Erik | Prohibition Gangs

Chicago. It's 1925, the height of the roaring twenties, and the prohibition of alcohol is in full effect. Organized crime groups quickly swept in to profit from America’s thirst – with great success! Now, it’s up to your gang of assorted crooks to take...
Pris 172,00 kr

Rajaniemi, Nathalie | From east to west

Escape the east and embark on a journey of the century. Make it over the wall and start a new chapter. The year is 1961 and the Berlin Wall is soon a reality. This might be your last chance to make a grand escape over the border. <br><br>Do you dare to...
Pris 166,00 kr

Eriksson, Mattias | Boy Band Manager

The fate of the world’s most popular Boy Band is now in your hands, as you tackle the job as<br>a Boy Band Manager! Your job is to plan their studio sessions, dance lessons and keep<br>them good-looking so that hordes of screaming Fans will be running...
Pris 179,00 kr

Wimmerstedt, Alexander | Moon Shot

The struggle for worldwide fame is being decided here and now, who will get their name in the history books and claim everlasting fame? Is it going to be the US or the USSR?<br><br>There is only one way to find out! <br><br>The player who best can...
Pris 186,00 kr

Rolf, William | Space Race

Have you ever dreamt of reaching the stars? Well you’re not alone! Your dream, along with the dreams of many in the 60’s, of reaching the moon is on the verge of becoming a reality. However, when your country isn’t the only one competing to reach the...
Pris 177,00 kr

Arnstberg, Kristoffer | Disco vs Rock

The time is late 1970s, the birth of rock and roll since the 50s has taken the world by storm. So much that more and more disco fans are converting to rock music! The disco world is not happy about this and is trying their best to get back their fans...
Pris 164,00 kr

Berglöf, Erik | Wacky races

In a alternative 1903 the tour de France race has become the deciding factor in determining who will control France for that year. The wealthiest people of the world all send their best cyclists to compete in a race full of cheats, deceit and violence....
Pris 164,00 kr

Mohns, Martin | 1929 : the board game

The year is 1929 and the recession in American is in full effect. It’s the beginning of the great depression and gangsters like Al Capone reigns the streets of Chicago. The current state of the economy brings unrest and fuels corruption. 1929 will be...
Pris 184,00 kr
Norell Hörnqvist

Norell Hörnqvist, Simon | The Dry Decade

In The Dry Decade players take the role of notorious gangs during the prohibition era in<br>the united states and takes place between the years 1923 and 1933. <br><br>The goal for each player is to be the most powerful and richest gang during the...
Pris 191,00 kr

Hugosson, Andreas | Barbarossa

The year is 1941 and the German military have started the invasion of the Soviet Union, codenamed Operation Barbarossa.<br><br>You are the commander. With tanks, infantry, artillery and air forces you need to drive away the other military forces, take...
Pris 182,00 kr
Nowroozi Larki

Nowroozi Larki, Sam | The Golden Age of Arcade

In the late 70s, video game arcades became extremely popular and arcades started popping up all over Japan and the United States. During this time, the arcade video game industry was worth several billion dollars!<br><br>As an upstart entrepreneur, you...
Pris 183,00 kr
Stenkrona, Axel | Operation...

Stenkrona, Axel | Operation Paperclip

The year is 1949 and your goal is to locate nazi scientists in Berlin and make them serve your nation. These targets have a high prize on their heads, you are not the only one hunting them down.<br><br>The core in Operation Paperclip is collection,...
Pris 166,00 kr