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Sport, motion & friluftsliv

Sport, motion & friluftsliv

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Eastwood, Owen | Belonging

THE #1 INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER THAT INSPIRED THE ENGLAND FOOTBALL TEAM'Gareth Southgate's secret weapon' - Guardian'A copy of Eastwood's new book, Belonging, was given to every England player when they reported for duty at the European Championships'...
Pris 155,00 kr

Bashyal, Pradeep | Sherpa

<font size=-1><B>Författare:</B> <A HREF=>Bashyal, Pradeep</A> <BR><B>Förlag:</B> <A HREF=>Hachette UK Distribution</A> <BR><B>Genre:</B> <A...
Pris 195,00 kr
Kuper, Simon | Barca

Kuper, Simon | Barca

From the author of bestselling Soccernomics, this tour de force, the result of decades of investigation, reveals the truth behind the myths and legends of the world's greatest football club.<br><br><HR><font size=-1><B>Författare:</B> <A...
Pris 155,00 kr

Gleria, Sebastian di | Till havs Nödnavigation

Vad gör du när GPS:en plötsligt slutar fungera ute till havs?<br><br>En modern handbok i astronomisk navigation anpassad för en tid då de flesta använder GPS och digitala sjökort för att navigera. Om elektroniken, elen eller satelliterna slutar fungera...
Pris 318,00 kr

Balogh, Tony | Tillfälligt gästspel

De kom, de såg, de segrade men lämnade egentligen aldrig GAIS.<br>En avgjorde ett stort derby vilket fick en företrädare för klubben att gråta av glädje. En annan var landslagsmålvakt men fick inte följa med upp till allsvenskan eftersom regelverket...
Pris 313,00 kr

Bokelius, Ken | Shito ryu Sanshinkan Karate

Sanshinkan is a tradition within Shito-ryu, one of the four traditional karate styles from Japan. In the book you will find historical information about karate, Masters of Shito-ryu and the life of the founder, Sensei Tamas Weber.<br><br>Today,...
Pris 154,00 kr
Egmont M. Friedl

Egmont M. Friedl, | Modern Splicing

For marine, boating, and climbing amateurs and professionals at all levels, splices—the strongest way of attaching or joining the end of a rope—are essential. Why? Because a splice gives the strongest way of attaching or joining the end of a rope to...
Pris 373,00 kr
Fred Edwards

Fred Edwards, | Making Money With Boats

More than ever, charter operators must adhere to good business practices to transform water-related fun into profitability. The first part of this book is dedicated to the business side of chartering, with chapters on starting a business, accounting,...
Pris 201,00 kr

Closen, Michael | Camper & rv humor

This amusing book covers early camping history, RV designs, road conditions, driving habits, campground issues, and more, with a twist. Things go wrong in each and every chapter, and that is where the humor arises. Some 230 photos (both black-and-white...
Pris 246,00 kr
K. D. Jones

K. D. Jones, | How To Build A Flatiron Skiff

For the economical do-it-yourselfer who wants to build his or her own skiff, this instruction manual relies on simple techniques and hand-powered tools and shows how to make a boat in a minimum amount of time. Start your flatiron skiff in the spring...
Pris 201,00 kr
John Brunkowski

John Brunkowski, | Amateur Radio Goes Camping & Rving

Never before has any book explored the dual hobbies of amateur radio and camping/RVing. From the 1940s to the 1970s, these hobbies were commonly conducted together by countless thousands of people in countries around the world. Many campers took radio...
Pris 201,00 kr
Douglas Congdon-Martin

Douglas Congdon-Martin, | Baseball Treasures

From its earliest days in the mid-1800s, baseball has had a warm place in the heart of American men and women. So it was natural for them to keep mementos of the game. Programs, team pictures, pennants, uniforms, and baseballs were commonly a part of...
Pris 475,00 kr
Peter Kramer

Peter Kramer, | Knife Throwing Like The Pros

This essential review of knife- and axe-throwing basics presents and analyzes the best throwing knives<br>and axes on the current market, different throwing techniques, the basics of competition<br>rules, legal issues to understand, and the general...
Pris 235,00 kr
Guide till kappseglingsreglerna 2021-2024

Guide till kappseglingsreglerna 2021-2024

Guide till kappseglingsreglerna är ett häfte (15x10cm) i vattentåligt material. Guide till kappseglingsreglerna beskriver grundläggande regler vid kappsegling och är väsentliga för dig som är ny inom kappsegling. För tydlighetens skull, har många...
Pris 105,00 kr

Schiffer, Nancy | Surfing

Over 400 dynamic color photos and a concise text rich in facts show important developments in surfing over the last century. The ancient Polynesian heritage of surfing is presented through its introduction to the modern world by Hawaiians such as Duke...
Pris 359,00 kr
Mark &amp

Mark &amp, | Pool & Billiard Collectibles

This is a unique reference to the intriguing world of pool halls and billiard parlors. Over 700 beautiful color photographs explore the history of the sport through pool and billiard collectibles from the 18th through the early 20th centuries. Balls...
Pris 544,00 kr

Gillelan, G. Howard | Gunning for sea ducks

Gunning for Sea Ducks introduces you to a practically untouched arena of waterfowling—birds that provide fast, challenging shooting, and, after it’s over, delectable eating. Containing a vast amount of information that’s been virtually ignored up until...
Pris 166,00 kr
Vic Berg

Vic Berg, | My Life Pile

Readers will be regaled by stories about the self-centering effects of living within nature, written by one who knows. Fifty years as a guide to the worlds of hunting, fishing, and outfitting have allowed the author to observe just how participants in...
Pris 201,00 kr
Ronald F. Lasko

Ronald F. Lasko, | A Tale Of Two Rivers

This is an intimate portrait of fly fishing on Cape Cod's Quashnet and Mashpee rivers, seeking the unique species of Sea Run Brook Trout that once inhabited many waterways and is now limited largely to these two rivers. In 50 color photos, watercolor...
Pris 304,00 kr
Wulf Hein

Wulf Hein, | Making Bows With Children

If you want to build yourself a real bow, here is where the adventure begins! Learn how to build 2 different bows, arrows, bowstrings, and a quiver with step-by-step instructions. For beginners, we recommend the Bent Stick model with simple arrows. As...
Pris 304,00 kr
Donald D. Spencer

Donald D. Spencer, | Daytona Bike Week

Sandwiched between NASCAR's highly-publicized Daytona 500 auto race and college students’ Daytona Beach Spring Break is Daytona Bike Week. For ten days in March, Daytona Beach becomes the temporary headquarters for around 500,000 motorcyclists and a...
Pris 269,00 kr
William W. Mowbray

William W. Mowbray, | Powerboat Racing On The Chesapeake

This is the first book that documents the development and history of racing activity on the bay. It focuses on the limited, inboard racing classes of the American Power Boat Association (APBA) because those craft have been the racing segment most...
Pris 180,00 kr