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Schaefer, Karin | Vackra armband att göra själv

Schaefer, Karin | Vackra armband att göra själv

Att göra egna armband är kreativt och kul! I den här boken får du lära dig att knyta, fläta och pärla vackra accessoarer att smycka handlederna med. Här finns tydliga instruktioner till både enkla projekt och lite mer komplicerade mönster. Dessutom...
Pris 212,00 kr
Peter N. Schiffer

Peter N. Schiffer, | Indian Jewelry On The Market

All of the beautiful American Indian jewelry shown in this book was actually for sale when the photographs were taken with the prices and ranges noted with each caption. Therefore, it will be useful to all enthusiasts of Indian arts, because it shows...
Pris 200,00 kr
Maureen DeLorme

Maureen DeLorme, | Mourning Art & Jewelry

Decorative art created to memorialize and commemorate death has been a part of Western culture for centuries. Extraordinarily beautiful examples of mourning art and memorial jewelry for members of royalty and the aristocracy date back to the 16th...
Pris 475,00 kr

Nicholls, Dale Reeves | Antique enameled jewelry

Exquisite, exciting, enameled jewelry - powdered glass fused onto metal to create gorgeous, delicate color and detail, beautiful enough to be considered art.<br>Here is the first book to focus exclusively on enameled jewelry, an integral, important,...
Pris 407,00 kr
Iris Sandkühler

Iris Sandkühler, | Wire & Fused Jewelry

Learn every step of the wire fusing process. Starting with a detailed discussion of the tools and materials, this book encompasses a lifetime of trial and error experience, saving you time and advancing you toward success. The 10 projects in this book...
Pris 201,00 kr
Connie Wagner

Connie Wagner, | Beads & Agate Jewelry To Create Yourself

Learn how to create a pair of earrings, a pin, a barrette, and a necklace with agate and beads, and various ways to embellish these projects. The author uses the beauty of the earth's natural agates, along with wire and beads, to create simple...
Pris 166,00 kr
Suzanne O'Brien

Suzanne O'Brien, | Felt, Fiber, And Stone

Learn to make beaded and fiber jewelry with unique designs and techniques that will kindle the creative spirit. Beginning with materials and techniques used in crocheting, making felt flowers, and beading, go on to make chunky brooches, earrings,...
Pris 180,00 kr

Yu, Daphne | Pearl projects for beaders

Learn to make your own jewelry designs with pearls. Step-by-step photographs, patterns, and simple-to-follow instructions guide you through 23 projects that showcase the color, luster, shape, and size of pearls. Mix pearls with crystals or...
Pris 235,00 kr
Elvira López Del Prado Rivas

Elvira López Del Prado Rivas, | Costume Jewelry

Make your own attractive, contemporary pieces of costume jewelry with some of the most versatile of materials. It was conceived as imitation jewelry with non-precious materials. Costume jewelry has since evolved in such a way that the division between...
Pris 269,00 kr
Nancy Schiffer

Nancy Schiffer, | Masters Of Contemporary Indian Jewelry

The artist-makers represented here come from every region of the United States, making this book a compilation of many native traditions as well as modern styles. Exciting background ideas are expressed in the details of these works, so their study and...
Pris 407,00 kr

Etc., | Designing jewelry

The process of designing jewelry is carefully explained. This second book follows the tremendous success of the author's book The Art of Jewelry Design: Principles of Design, Rings & Earrings. It has taken the combined talents of three top jewelry...
Pris 476,00 kr
Paula A. Baxter

Paula A. Baxter, | Southwest Silver Jewelry

This beautiful book examines the first century of Navajo and Pueblo metal jewelry-making in the American Southwest. Beginning in the late 1860s, the region's native peoples learned metalworking and became accomplished silversmiths. Their work was...
Pris 407,00 kr

Schon, Marbeth | Modernist jewelry 1930-1960

This beautifully written new book explores the work of 175 of the most important American modernist artist jewelers through a comprehensive text and over 540 color and 35 black and white photos. Beginning with the streamlining of Art Moderne,...
Pris 544,00 kr

Asuncion, Josep | Drawing for jewelers

This book teaches how to use drawing as means of expressing a jeweler’s creative ideas. In jewelry, there are other ways of creating which do not stem directly from working in the studio. The most important of these is drawing, an extremely useful tool...
Pris 373,00 kr

May, Lana | Mixed media jewelry techniques

Written for jewelry makers of all media and skill levels, this book encourages the mixing of techniques with the skills of others to create unique designs. <br>A collaboration of eleven multi-talented instructors makes this book unique. It features 9...
Pris 153,00 kr
Anderson, Aron | Möjligheter

Anderson, Aron | Möjligheter

Aron Andersson är själva sinnebilden av en kämpe. Han är en fantastisk inspiratör som visar att inget är omöjligt! När han var 9 år opererades han för cancer och hamnade i rullstol. Men han fattade tidigt beslutet att inte låta rullstolen hindra honom,...
Pris 228,00 kr

Sahlström, Fritjof | Cancerbrev

Alla som varit på magnetröntgen vet att det tar sin tid. Jag ligger där och lyssnar på den klassiska musiken som jag valt. Så blir det mera aktivitet bakom glaset. Läkaren kommer in och talar om för mig att han sätter i en kanyl för lite kontrast. Bara...
Pris 219,00 kr

Lindqvist, Henric | Livet efter

Vad händer nu? Den frågan ställde jag mig i en sjukhussäng våren 2018. Precis som fler än 30 000 andra i Sverige detta år hade jag blivit utmattad. Några månader senare började jag leta efter information som kunde hjälpa mig att navigera i den nya...
Pris 276,00 kr

Rörseth, Tone | Smycken och smyckeaskar

<font size=-1><B>Författare:</B> <A HREF=örseth+Tone>Rörseth, Tone</A> <BR><B>Förlag:</B> <A HREF=>Ica Bokförlag</A> <BR><B>Genre:</B> <A...
Pris 143,00 kr