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Baddiel, David | Jews Don't Count

How identity politics failed one particular identity. 'a must read and if you think YOU don't need to read it, that's just the clue to know you do.' SARAH SILVERMAN 'a masterpiece.'STEPHEN FRY<br><br><HR><font...
Pris 137,00 kr
Katz, Catherine Grace | Daughters of Yalta, The

Katz, Catherine Grace | Daughters of Yalta, The

The brilliant untold story of three daughters of diplomacy: Anna Roosevelt, Sarah Churchill, and Kathleen Harriman, glamorous, fascinating young women who accompanied their famous fathers to the Yalta Conference with Stalin in the waning days of World...
Pris 163,00 kr

Johansson, Emma | Livsjournalen

Självcochningsboken och kalendern Livsjournalen har blivit omnämnd hos skandinaviens största profiler och influencers inom inredning och livsstil, både för dess design och innehåll. <br><br>Författarna Maria Wiig och Emma Johansson har själva gjort en...
Pris 290,00 kr
Betsy Pinover Schiff

Betsy Pinover Schiff, | Windows On Central Park

Unique perspectives on New York’s 843-acre Central Park viewed exclusively from windows and terraces surrounding it. One hundred forty-three photographs range from intimate fourth-floor scenes to sweeping vistas from 64 stories above the Park. The...
Pris 373,00 kr
Ken Paulsen

Ken Paulsen, | New Hampshire

Whether planning a vacation, moving, or a resident of the Granite State, this book provides a compact view of lush landscapes, annual events, and outdoor activities across all seasons. From sea level to some of the state's highest points, enjoy village...
Pris 304,00 kr
Roger S. Everett

Roger S. Everett, | Favorite Songbirds

After the strong success of Roger Everett's first book Wading and Shore Birds, we are pleased to offer this new collection: Favorite Songbirds. With over 100 full-color photographs of exquisite beauty, Roger offers images of the birds we know and love...
Pris 153,00 kr

King, Pamela | Wild cape cod

Cape Cod was once a wilderness. It was then an essential refueling stop for hundreds of migratory species, and this is still the case today. The Cape is also home to other wild creatures often unseen by its visitors. As such, this book seeks to provide...
Pris 269,00 kr

Orear, Jim | Traveling in tennessee

Experience the sights, vibes, and unique culture of Tennessee through 375 photographs, interesting facts, and humorous tidbits gathered by photographer Jim O'Rear during his travels across the Volunteer State. Learn about Tennessee's history,...
Pris 304,00 kr

Colbert, Bernard | Getting into face

Here is a visual feast in the tradition of 1990s club kids. See performance artists JoJo Baby and Sal-E use their bodies as canvases to become inspired and whimsical conceptual characters, executed with expert skill using original, theatrical makeup...
Pris 373,00 kr
Arthur P. Richmond

Arthur P. Richmond, | Martha's Vineyard Perspectives

Martha’s Vineyard, the idyllic island off the coast of Cape Cod, is captured in picturesque photographs of its common vistas and extraordinary scenery. The journey starts with an aerial tour around the coast of the island; then takes to the road and...
Pris 133,00 kr
Mary Anne Pirro

Mary Anne Pirro, | The Art Of The Wedding Cake

Planning your wedding is all about the details, and this book will help make one detail much easier, understandable, and fun — the wedding cake. Through 346 images, a delicious variety of cakes will whet your appetite and spark your creativity, as well...
Pris 269,00 kr
Steve Fitzpatrick

Steve Fitzpatrick, | Puerto Rico’s Surf Culture

Since the 1968 World Amateur Surfing Championships were held in Rincón, Puerto Rico has been on the international map of world-class surfing destinations. But it wasn't until photographer Steve Fitzpatrick relocated to San Juan in 1992 that the...
Pris 373,00 kr

Wolfe, Dennis | Small town pennsylvania

Small towns are the best-kept secret of any state and Pennsylvania is no exception. They have a unique charm, but what do we really know about them? The iconic Liberty Bell is a much-visited tourist attraction, but what about visiting the seven-foot...
Pris 304,00 kr

Lange, Tod | New york subways and stations

Two decades of New York's subway trains and surroundings presented in large full-color images. See 1970s and 1980s New York through the attitude and reputation of its transportation system. While it wasn't the cleanest system, it had the most color and...
Pris 338,00 kr

Schenholm, Fredrik | Äventyrsfoto

<font size=-1><B>Författare:</B> <A HREF=>Schenholm, Fredrik</A> <BR><B>Förlag:</B> <A HREF=örlag>Calazo Förlag</A> <BR><B>Genre:</B> <A...
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